Inspired by the magic of the Japanese manga, tokusatsu & illustration; Mok discovered his passion for drawing at a very young age. He then pursued art seriously as a career after graduating from secondary school. He enrolled in art school to develop his artistic skills, graduating by the end of 1999.

Henceforth, he has immersed himself in various art & design activities including advertising, publishing, animation & many more. He also teaches drawing & illustration classes at local art schools.

His active involvement in the creative industry garnered attention & acknowledgment by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. He was amongst those selected as a homegrown artist to promote his country, Malaysia, at International Tourismus Borse (ITB), Berlin in the year 2014.

Later, he founded Mok Matsuru Studio as a platform to offer his artistry to wider audiences. Currently, he is focusing on providing Caricature & Illustration services for events, publications and media.

“Enrich lives by creating & promoting art from the heART”

At International Tourismus Borse (ITB), Berlin in the year 2014. See more →

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